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Why hire us?

I could tell you about the training, experience, and professional gear we have in our arsenal to give you that perfect shot but it is misguided that they are an essential aspect of a good photographer.  I believe the most important part of a great photograph is you. Your heart and soul you share with your loved ones and allow us to capture that extraordinary moment.

  • Photograph last for a lifetime and beyond
    Imagine years later going through your closet and finding a photobook. Looking through brings back that special day and memory you thought you forgot.. 
  • Capturing life's moments
    It's about your experience, your memories. It makes you focus on the moment at the time.
  • Chronicles your and your family's life
    A photograph helps you to connect with others when you share the day with someone. 
  • Customized just for you
    No one photo session is ever the same. You can gift it, share it with anyone.

Never had your portrait done?

Fear NOT. These sessions are fun and creative. Just be yourself and let your fun and imaginative side to shine.

Penticton Outdoor Family Photographer
One-on-one Portraits

This is where you can shine and show your personality in a more intimate setting. 

Group Portraits

Bring your loved ones with you to create an everlasting memory that you cherish.

Children Portraits

This a fabulous outing for your family. Bring all the toys you want. Props are essential for children.

Keep memories Forever
Photobook for all Occasions

Mini Sessions
children’s outdoor photography