Ede J. Sartori
beyond snapshot photography

what is a mini - photo session?

I am a huge fan of a mini photo session.

They are the biggest "bank for your money," and it doesn't mean you don't get quality shots. With us, yes, you do!

Also, think of it as a warm-up for your special event before the big day. It would be a perfect way to test the waters with your photographer.
Mini photoshoots are perfect for capturing all the in-between winks in life.
They are inexpensive enough to say, why not?. You can indulge yourself every year with no regrets.
They're short, so they're easy, fit in your busy schedule, and plain fun.

Penticton Outdoor Family Photographer

I'm Ede


I am an outdoor portrait photographer from Penticton, BC, Canada, who has a passion for capturing beauty life's special moments.

A mini photo session is...

  • Up to 15 minutes long
  • Includes 3-5 digital images to download
  • Location chosen by photographer
  • Prints available upon request for an extra cost

A mini photo session Cost...

  • Mini family photo session: $75
  • Mini couple's photo session: $65
  • Mini solo photo session: $50

"Remember Today for Tomorrow."

Don't worry, You will get plenty of images to choose from.

Mini Family Photo Session

Mini family portraits are perfect with  small children who might get tired, cranky, or hungry. So make sure to bring some snacks or have a good sleep before. The sweet spot for a mini family photo session is three individuals. 

Mini Couple's Photo Session

You don't need an excuse or a special event to show your love for each other and with your loved ones. While celebrating a birthday, an anniversary is undoubtedly the main reason to hire a photographer; a mini photo session can document your life changes.

Mini Solo Photo Session

Are you struggling to conquer the art of the selfie? Don't fear! You can get beautiful photos when traveling alone or just visiting a friend in town by booking a mini photo session.