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Outdoor portrait photographer

just a bit of myself

I love tennis, and pickleball, hiking early in the mornings or just biking around town. Since the trouble started with this nasty virus being active is my go to release from the day's stress.
I love sharing ideas, new techniques I learned, or photos of the latest photo walk. Every so often, I'll join my friends on an inspiring photoshoot around the neighborhood. I have always been creative, if not building patios in my back yard, out there looking for new ideas, and often find myself wishing if I could just take a photo of you.

Photography takes me to a magical space in time where nothing else matters, only that moment.

capturing your precious memories has never been so important as now

 Time flies too fast, kids grow up, getting older, and you thought you had time, but you didn't.
I am here to change that.

I am a natural light photographer, and the outdoors are the safest and the most refreshing place to be right now. As the afternoon light catches your eyes or the sunset behind you reflects the moment you want to remember. Outdoor photography is flexible, organic, and stress-free. You can be yourself, be in the present and laugh lots with me. My journey as a photographer is to capture your most extraordinary experiences in life, so let me take you for an adventure you will never forget.

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