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B&W Vintage LR Preset- Black and white photography

Changing The Way - People Perceive Photography

The idea was started out as a template for all level of photographers to help simpler ways to manage and transform their photography. There are many genres of photography, just to name a few – architectural, candid, fashion, food, landscape, portrait, wedding, street and sport photography – there are more… No matter what your style is the important part of photography is to develop your own flare, your own style that make you stand out from the crowd.

Empowering - Photographers

Empowering photographers to expand their boundary and their imagination. The opportunities are endless, inspirations comes from all places and time.

No matter your race or gender the connection to others is unbreakable and as a photographer your assignment is to show the world you vision of things you see or imagine to see.

Leading Lines - Cool Fog LR Preset
Composition HDR 1 LR Preset

Our Philosophy - Helping To Bring Creative Ideas And Finding New Inspiration

We believe Lightroom presets should be available to all photographers at any level. By offering individual presets for sale at a very reasonable price and specials on bundle generally reflect this.

We offer high-quality, carefully tested, relevant, fully adjustable Lightroom Presets that speed up your workflow and helps you form your exclusive style, reform your photography.

Ede Sartori

Who Is Behind Beyond Snapshot Photography?

My name is Ede Sartori and I was born and raised in Hungary’s capital city Budapest, but live in Penticton, British Columbia.
I am a self-proclaimed photo geek. Always on the net researching photography techniques, new editing software, new styles, and ways of improving my photography techniques.

I love the sound of the shutter clicking away. The love of creativity has been part of my life, while photography rooted in my soul later in life and it truly started surfacing when my husband surprised me with a digital camera. I saw an opportunity to express my reactions to life around me, see things in an unlike perspective I have never imagined. I have a strong desire to create something different, something that others want to be part of and that is photography to me.

Since I have computer technology background and worked with user-end support I managed to Master Lightroom fairly quickly, but also made me think of all of you photographers and beginners how frustrating would be to learn a new program. Adobe  Lightroom is my go to photo editing program. Lightroom presets are my life saver when I need my edits done quickly and formatted in my style. I have decided to share 15 of my favorite presets for at no cost to you.


I love sharing ideas, new techniques I learned or photos of the latest photo-walk. Every so often I’ll join my friends on an inspiring photo-shoot around the neighborhood. I have always been creative, if not building patios in my back yard am out there looking for new ideas and often find myself wishing only if I just could take a photo of you… Photography takes me to a magical space in time where nothing else matters only that moment.

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