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What to wear for your photoshoot

To make it easier for you to select the right color and type of clothing for your photoshoot read examples below.
We want you to shine and not what you were.
The focus should on you and your group of family and friends

Clothing color and pattern 

We want to see all of your faces and not what you are wearing.

Select Muted tones

You should be the primary focus, not your clothes. (specifically reds, oranges, bright blues, and yellows), might make you look bigger.

Select similar tones for top and bottom

A white top and dark pants could make your top look more prominent. Light-colored pants and a dark top will enhance the size of your butt.

Stay away from strong patters like flowers, stripes in a group setting

You will be the center of the attention unless that is your purpose.

multiple colors to wear in a group

Perhaps everyone could wear jewel tones dark green, dark navy, and burgundy. Or an opposite like lighter tan, a muted olive green, and denim, all of which muted tones.

Style of Clothing  

Pick a top with sleeves at least to the elbow or cover most of it with a shawl.

Your arms will take up more area than your face, and it may also cause your arms to look larger.

Selecting long pants for men/women or a dress/skirt below the knee is most desirable for group shots.
your legs don’t take attention from your face, and you will be able to sit and bend without revealing too much leg


Choose darker color shoes

Dark socks and shoes will bland into the ground without drawing too much emphasis. Unless  you are on the beach barefoot.

hair and makeup 

be comfortable in your skin

Wear your hair as you always would and simple but subtle makeup for timeless photos.

If you are planning to have a haircut make an appointment at least two weeks before your portrait session. Last thing you need is a bad hair day!