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The power of 
photography projects  

Why is it so influential a photography project?    

Why is it so influential a photography project?

A photo speaks a thousand words. It can move a mind and compel it to act. 
Photography gives us motivation in life. To photograph, we need to move. Our curiosity about discovering what is beyond our fences inspires us to move, explore, take chances, and shoot more!

A camera in a photographer's hand is an instrument to show their innermost feelings and draw the viewers in and take them on a journey.

selecting theme for your project

Pick only one.
Make your list. It is tempting to want to bring all your ideas to life. Sure, you can, but not all at once. If it doesn't make you feel excited to get started, put it on the bottom of your list or cross it out. Choose your most favorite and start planning. Figure out what you need and how and where you are going to do it. Planning is essential for the success of a project. It doesn't have to be complicated, but mostly requires your full attention.

Photography improves me

Photography makes me grateful for being alive! See the world and interpret it your way, and it'll become your canvas. Most of us think only beautiful should be photographed. Find that interesting, weird, or even ugly thing and make it your own, put it down on your canvas. Be different and photograph it.

Embed your heart and soul into your images

Infuse your soul into your photos to show and draw your viewers' attention to how you felt at that moment.

What do you do when you are stuck and end up with a brain freeze? Sun is shining, but it is cold. Winter is here. Time to do a project.

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